“ Leadership is a matter of relationships: the relationship you have with yourself, the relationship you have with others and the relationship with the situations you have to face in your everyday life"


Leadership development

Addressed to foster the evolution, both the organisation and its management, from a reactive leadership (focuses on complying, protecting, controlling) to a creative leadership (focuses on relating, self-awareness, authenticity, system awareness, and the ability to inspire in order to achieve). Through this program the management gain greater self-awareness, improved ability to influence others and acquire tools to improve their efficiency as team leaders.

Following our development methodology, the three phases which make up this program are:

1. Where are we?

In this phase, using the latest generation analysis tool, The Leadership Circle (TLC), we diagnose both the leadership culture of the company or its departments and the individual profile each of its managers by means of a 360º assessment questionnaire.

2. Where do we want to go?

The tool used in the previous step, TLC, also allows us to ascertain the desired situation, both in terms of overall leadership culture and in terms of the individual profiles. In this phase we undertake an in-depth analysis of each situation to develope the vision statement most adequate to obtain the results desired by the organisation.

3. How do we get there?

Based on the diagnostic of the current situation and the vision statement, we desing an action plan which entails experiential training and individual coaching sessions, in order to progress the organisation quickly to the desired situation.

This program is suited to those managers who lead multidisciplinary teams or wide ranging projects.

Here are examples of workshops designed for our clients:

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