“Human beings can only progress through transformation.                                             The key is to change our habits, specially our mental habits”


Team development

Aimed at enhancing the positivity (relationship) and the productivity (task) of the teams, identifying and improving their internal dynamics in order to strengthen their team relations as a key element of cohesion and effectiveness in achieving their objectives. Through this program the teams improve their awareness of the relationships within the team, their abilities and resources, their internal voices and their ability to achieve an exceed the results they set for themselves.

Our development methodology is carried out in three phases:

1. Where are we?

In this phase, using the latest generation tool, Team Diagnostics Assessment (TDA), we diagnose both the team culture and the key elements of its internal dynamics.

2. Where do we want go?

The tool used in the previous step, TDA, also allows us to ascertain the desired outcomes, both in terms of team culture, and in terms of the aspects within the team which require improving. In this phase we used detailed, in-depth analyses of each situation to derive the vision statement most adequate to obtain the results for the team and for the organisation.

3. How do we get there?

Based on the diagnostic of the current situation and the vision statement, we design an action plan entailing experiential training and team coaching sessions in order to foster the evolution of the team quickly to the desired situation.

This program is especially suited to those people who are part of a natural team or are members of multidisciplinary projects.

Here are examples of workshops designed for our clients:

We help people and organisations to develop